Jigawa state government sacks nonindigenous teachers without notice during a pandemic


The Jigawa state government should expect the wives and children of the contract staff (non-indigene) they sacked at the period of the pandemic when everybody is struggling for survival.

Should evil be paid for good? 

what jigawa state government has done to its contract workers they sacked without giving any reason despite their suffering with them for several years without a single promotion.

"We demand justice and want the governor to invite us and explain the reason they took the callous action of biting the fingers that fed their education sector for years. We demand a press conference to clarify things. We were invited to apply for jobs through adverts in newspapers, they should also formalize our exit through the same means.

If you don't want us any longer, please notify us with some months and pay us off including our entitlement. Imagine a family man or woman left his house early in the morning only to receive disengagement later without notification, no reason or next direction on the next thing to do."

Could this still be one Nigeria?


Friday 29th of May 2020

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