Happy Birthday To The Mmirioma Of Orlu In Imo State

A happy birthday to an illustrious son of Imo State from Orlu LGA; a trained criminologist, business maverick, bridge builder, and boardroom political strategist, Chief Kingsley Ajaegbu - Okafor.

As a staunch member of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo and diaspora, you had contributed in no small measures toward its social resurgence and unrelenting attempts to bounce back in the Imo political space. 

As a dedicated party man, you have remained committed and resolute in your political ideology and convictions over the years unlike many who jump from one party platform to another for greener pastures.

Friendly, trustworthy, kind-hearted and a good team player as your business track record is a demonstration of what you stand for within the political circle and interpersonal relationship.

Today, we join your family, friends, political associates, and members of Save Imo Group to celebrate a cerebral leader and jolly good fellow as you graciously mark this auspicious day of your birth.

Happy birthday, 


Chief Kingsley Ajaegbu -Okafor.

(Mmirioma Global) .


Thursday 10th of June 2021

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Happy birthday to him, i wish him all he desires and pray for. But i have not heard about him before in Imo and i hope we get to know him more, perhaps he could vie for a post.
Happy birthday Sir!!! We hope you get involved in Imo politics more...